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Albany roads are heavily traveled by commercial trucks. Unfortunately, accidents involving commercial trucks are common on certain roads in Albany, such as many of the intersections along Sylvester Road and Nottingham Way. Truck accidents also frequently occur on many of the State highways that pass through Albany, like State Routes 91, 133, 234, and 520, and Routes 19 and 82. Truck accidents often cause devastating injuries, many of which are permanent, and people injured in truck accidents often are faced with crippling financial losses as well. If you were injured in a truck accident, you should contact an Albany truck accident lawyer regarding your potential claims. The knowledgeable attorneys at Cook Law Group can advise you about your options for seeking damages and assist you in developing compelling arguments in favor of your recovery of compensation.

Getting a Police Report for an Albany Truck Accident

Following a truck accident, it is critical for anyone injured in the accident to obtain evidence that supports the argument that the truck driver caused the accident. As a result, people injured in Albany usually need to obtain the report drafted by the police during the investigation of the accident. Albany is part of Dougherty County, and anyone who wishes to obtain an Albany police report must request a report from the Dougherty County Police Department, which is located at 2106 Habersham Road, Albany, Georgia 31701. The Department can also be contacted at (229) 430-6600. Accident reports cost $5.00, and the person requesting the report must refer to the report number. Reports are usually available within three to five days after the accident. Our firm can also obtain the report and a full accident reconstruction if the State Patrol does not do one or if one is otherwise indicated.

Recovering Damages Following a Truck Accident

A truck accident attorney in the Albany area generally must prove that the truck driver was negligent. Proving negligence requires a plaintiff’s attorney to show a duty to comply with a standard of care, a breach of the duty, and harm that arose from the breach. The duty that applies in a truck accident case may be the duty to operate a vehicle in a safe manner under the given circumstances, which is imposed on all Georgia drivers, or a duty specifically set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations, which impose specific duties on the drivers and owners of trucks in an effort to reduce the risk of accidents. In many cases, a truck driver involved in an accident was driving the truck as part of an employment arrangement with a trucking company. In these cases, a plaintiff may also be able to pursue claims against the truck driver’s employer.

Accidents involving commercial trucks often cause severe injuries, such as burns, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, hemorrhages, and organ failure. Additionally, people injured in trucking accidents are often unable to work due to their injuries. An Albany truck accident attorney who successfully establishes liability for a truck accident may be able to help the plaintiff recover compensation for the cost of any medical treatment that is needed for the injuries caused by the accident, or that will be needed in the future. A plaintiff may also be awarded compensation for out of pocket costs and lost wages. Additionally, a plaintiff may be granted damages for the intangible harm caused by the accident, such as the mental and emotional distress, pain, and suffering that he or she endured.

Contact a Dedicated Georgia Attorney

Truck accidents are a common occurrence in Albany, and most truck accidents cause significant harm. People injured in truck accidents should not need to shoulder the expenses of the damages caused by the accident, though, and can pursue claims against the responsible parties. If you sustained harm in a truck accident, the attorneys at Cook Law Group can craft persuasive arguments on your behalf to help you strive for the full amount of damages recoverable under the law. We represent people who need a truck accident lawyer in the Albany area, as well as other victims throughout Georgia. You can reach us at 678-928-3899 or through our online form to schedule a consultation. We have handled trucking lawsuits for 21 years with great success in Albany, Cairo, Camilla, Thomasville, and all over Southwest Georgia. In fact, our firm obtained the largest jury verdict ever awarded in a trucking case in Camilla, Georgia in 2015 with Albany doctors supporting the case. You can read about that case and others on our Verdict and Settlements Page.

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