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Over $400 Million recovered for our clients
Matt and Kate Cook have spent their entire careers helping those who have been hurt or suffered losses due to the fault of others while treating each client as an individual, not a file number.
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How do You Choose the Right Lawyer?

Most people have never had to choose a lawyer to handle a personal injury or wrongful death case. This decision is the most important one you will make in your case, and can significantly affect the end result. The answer is simple: Find the lawyer(s) who has successfully handled similar cases before. Ask any lawyer you interview:

  • Have you handled cases like mine before?
  • Have you actually collected money for people like me?
  • If so, what are the results of your prior cases?
  • Have you actually handled cases like mine in a jury trial?
  • What jury verdicts have you obtained?
  • In the cases where you obtained a jury verdict, how much of the verdict did you actually collect?
  • Will you be the lawyer actually handling my case or will it be handed off completely to a less experienced lawyer?
  • Have you handled serious cases on appeal?
  • Can you provide me with references from prior clients?

Many lawyers have never tried a personal injury or wrongful death case to a jury, and among those who have, even fewer have obtained a significant jury verdict. One of the key evaluations insurance companies make when placing a settlement value on a particular case is the experience and results of the law firm representing the victim. The insurance company will be considering the above criteria. You should too.

How do I Afford a Good Lawyer?

Trial lawyers work on contingency fee contracts. That means we advance all case expenses and only get paid if you win. That means two things. We do not take cases that we do not believe in, and you can get quality representation and can take on the biggest of America’s insurance companies and corporations even if you have no money. We have litigated against the largest companies in the country and held them responsible for harm they have caused to our clients. We have handled cases from Georgia to California and everywhere in between. And because we do not get paid unless you prevail, we do our best to make a recovery for you.

How Long Will It Take for My Case to Resolve?

No one can tell you how long it will take to resolve your case. No two cases are alike and all vary in their complexity, where they may be filed and when they will settle or go to trial. While we will work to move your case along as quickly as possible, you should keep in mind that the fastest recovery is rarely the best recovery. In fact, settling your case quickly (or even filing your case quickly) may cost you in a very significant way and leave you without the compensation you will need in the future. While we will move your case along as quickly as is prudent, we seek to maximize the value of every case and be sure that you receive a just result.

Should I Hire a Lawyer From a Small Town or a Small Firm?

A lot of people equate small town lawyers or small firms with small time ability. The truth is that the majority of great trial lawyers do not come from or live in the biggest cities nor do they have big law firms. That is probably because trial lawyers are people who spend their time talking to the regular folks who make up juries. Lawyers who defend insurance companies work in volume and handle hundreds of cases at a time and must take all cases their insurance clients send them whether they believe in them or not. The most successful trial lawyers pick and choose their cases and keep their case loads low, so that they can give the necessary attention to each case to ensure they can thoroughly prepare each case to maximize value.