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We do one thing at Cook Law Group – represent people and families who have been seriously harmed, injured or killed due to the negligence of others. Matt and Kate Cook are Gainesville personal injury lawyers who have spent their entire careers helping those who have been hurt or suffered losses due to the fault of others and our record speaks for itself – more than $225 million dollars in verdicts and settlements secured for victims in just the last 10 years. Treating each client as an individual, not a file number, we assist those who face the worst if they are not competently represented.

We also represent people who have been victims of fraud and abuse at the hands of corporations and insurance companies. We never represent insurance companies, nor do we defend criminal cases. We have dedicated our practice to helping people whose lives have been turned upside-down, and need help navigating through the insurance claims process and litigation of their loss. Our practice is purposefully designed and focused on providing thoughtful, quality representation for our clients.

When you are injured or lost a loved one, an insurance company will be working against you immediately, with access to dozens of lawyers and investigators to stack the deck against you. You will need someone to work for you who has the credentials, experience, financial means and ability to fight for you. Consistently securing significant results is not luck or an accident. It is the result of hard work and the ability to execute a strategically sound approach to the unique facts of each case. No matter how complex or challenging the case, our personal injury lawyers located in Gainesville have repeatedly found creative solutions to hold insurers and wrongdoers responsible. We have personally handled and served as lead counsel in hundreds of wrongful death, paralysis, trucking, burn, product liability, professional malpractice, fraud and personal injury cases. This gives us a broad range of experience that can be drawn upon during your case.

Finally, the best endorsement we can provide for our abilities are our results and our record. We have repeatedly obtained verdicts and settlements in venues which set records for the largest recovery in those venues. Further, more than 90% of our cases come from other lawyers. If other lawyers call on us for our abilities, you should as well.

Personal Injury

Most personal injury claims involve negligence, or the failure to exercise a degree of care to minimize the risk of harm to another individual. Georgia law mandates that the victim be eligible for financial damages that takes into account fault that that person had in causing the accident, if any. Once issues of liability have been sorted out, the victim can potentially recover compensation for medical care and other costs that are a direct result of the accident.

Truck Accidents

Numerous factors can contribute to a truck accident, a number of which include actions by the truck driver and malfunctioning of safety and other equipment onboard the tractor or semi-trailer. In some cases, drivers have been in violation of state or federal laws at the time of the accident. A thorough investigation by a Gainesville personal injury attorney can uncover attempts by involved parties to conceal information in mandated logbooks.

Car Accidents

Georgia requires that car accident injury claims be filed within a fixed period of time. Some injury victims may just want to focus on healing after such an accident, but meeting with an experienced legal professional may uncover options for compensation for financial loss and pain and suffering that had not occurred to the accident victim. A lawyer can bring to light details related to the crash and whether multiple parties may be at fault.

Pedestrian Accidents

If a pedestrian is crossing a street and is hit by a vehicle, the victim may be able to receive substantial compensation for doctor examinations, loss of wages, and other expenses, depending upon the circumstances of the accident. If it is determined that the pedestrian was at fault to some degree, financial damage awards for the victim may be reduced, so it is important for persons injured in a pedestrian accident to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Gainesville.

Product Liability

Circumstances permitting, a product liability lawsuit may be brought against multiple entities associated with a product, including manufacturers of a product’s components, assembler of the finished product, and the seller of the product. Injury as a result of the use of a product can be attributed to a number of things, including design flaws and defects in the manufacturing process. A breach of warranty can also give rise to a product liability claim.

Construction Accidents

Construction worksites, due to the presence of people, heavy equipment, and various building materials, present the potential for serious injury to occur to people nearby. State and federal laws have been enacted to protect workers and hold responsible parties accountable when investigation has determined that worker safety protocols were either violated or not put in place to begin with. Injuries due to heavy machinery malfunctions and scaffolding collapses are not uncommon.

Nursing Home Negligence

Injuries to and neglect of elderly individuals residing in nursing home facilities are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. In some cases, it can be difficult to ascertain that abuse or neglect has occurred. Some signs of possible trouble include unexplained fractures and denial by caregivers of requests by family members to meet with their loved one in private. Concerned family members should reach out to a personal injury attorney in Gainesville for guidance.

Medical Malpractice

Common types of medical malpractice include claims for errors during surgical procedures, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose an injury or illness in a timely manner, errors in the selection or dispensing of prescription medications, and injuries during the birthing process. Most medical malpractice cases involve the careful selection of an appropriate expert witness to establish standard of care and whether the medical professional met that standard. Medical malpractice claims must be filed in a timely manner.

Wrongful Death

Surviving family members (parents, spouse, or children) can file wrongful death claims. If there are no survivors, then the estate can file such a claim. In cases in which the death of a loved one is not immediate, if it can be proven that the accident is a direct and proximate cause of the person’s death, a wrongful death claim can be filed. The period of time for filing a claim of wrongful death is limited, so best to meet with a Gainesville personal injury lawyer promptly.


Whether a paralysis injury is temporary or permanent, the financial toll the accident takes on the person and their family can go beyond medical expenses for surgeries and even an extended stay in a hospital. An injury claim for an accident that resulted in paralysis may include damages for pain and suffering, anticipated medical procedures over time, and diminished quality of life. An experienced attorney with resources at their disposal can assist paralysis victims with the claims process.

Burn Injuries

Even though Georgia’s comparative negligence law can result in blame for a burn injury being assigned to multiple parties, that doesn’t mean that a person who suffered burn injuries cannot receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and potentially ongoing rehabilitation services. It is important that burn injury victims seek out the assistance of a skillful attorney in case other involved parties attempt to cast more blame onto the victim for the injuries.

Brain Injuries

Treatment of and recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI) varies, depending upon the severity of the injury. A mild TBI such as a concussion can present as headache, blurred vision, and other symptoms. A moderate or severe TBI may include seizures, dilated pupils, increased agitation, and other manifestations. After receiving prompt medical care, consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney located in Gainesville is important if the cause of the accident is the fault of others.

Whistleblower Claims

People aware of illegal or dishonest activities in the workplace with the desire to expose such behavior do not have to choose between their rights under the law and making known the actions of others to defraud the government. Fraud against a government entity can take many forms, including fraudulent claims for payment, use of untrue statements in an attempt to receive payment, and involvement in a conspiracy to defraud the government through the use of fraudulent claims.

Legal Malpractice

In some instances, an attorney may act in such a way that is harmful to their client. Depending upon the nature of the hurtful act, the wronged party may be able to bring a malpractice claim against the attorney. A number of actions could potentially result in a legal malpractice claim, including conflict(s) of interest, embezzlement of the client’s money, and entering into a settlement agreement without the approval of the client. A skillful legal malpractice attorney can provide valuable insight.

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My experience with Cook Law LLC was really good they are very quick to handle my case a very good team of lawyers that get it done. I will Always have Matthew Cook handle all my court room needs. You would be hard pressed to find a lawyer better he is the best of the best. James Cannon
Matt and Kate Cook along with their staff are the best! They all are very professional and they really care about us as a client. When we met them, we knew we were in great hands. I'm proud to say that Matt and Kate are a team of "super" lawyers! Thank you for all you've done! Nichole S.
If you need an aggressive attorney, this is the law group to call. Matt and Kate Cook, their staff, and their receptionist are so warm and personable. They make a traumatic time less confusing. They took care of our family. Thank you for all you help and support, Matt! You are like no other lawyer I've ever met. Kristie Tillett
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