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Gainesville, GA Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Professional Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Serving Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville, GA Nursing Home Abuse LawyerPeople throughout Georgia rely on nursing homes to provide care for elderly family members who can no longer care for themselves. While many nursing homes provide thorough and competent care, some nursing homes neglect their residents, which typically leads to critical health issues. If you or someone you love has been harmed due to a nursing home’s careless acts or omissions, you should consult an attorney to discuss the damages that you may be able to recover. Our Gainesville, GA nursing home abuse lawyer at Cook Law Group takes pride in helping people injured through no fault of their own seek recourse for their damages, and we will zealously pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Evidence of Nursing Home Negligence

The Georgia legislature has enacted laws that set forth the duties imposed on nursing homes. Specifically, nursing homes must employ a full-time administrator and a full-time nurse, and they must operate in accordance with the policies approved by the Department of Clinical Health. Nursing homes must also have sufficient nursing staff and personnel to care for residents’ needs at all times. A doctor must be on staff to provide medical care to residents, and nursing homes must provide residents with sufficient nutrition and hydration, tend to their grooming needs, and administer medication as needed. If a nursing home lacks sufficient staff, or if its staff members are not adequately trained, the nursing home may fail to meet its duties under the law.

Evidence of negligence may include pressure ulcers, bruises, frequent falls, and confusion. Unintentional weight loss, dehydration, mood changes, and cognitive decline also often indicate that a nursing home resident is not receiving the care that he or she needs. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact our Gainesville, GA nursing home abuse lawyer without delay.

Recovering Damages for Harm Caused by Negligent Nursing Home Care

Many nursing home residents are elderly or suffer from compromised immunity, which increases their risk of health issues. Thus, when a nursing home negligently fails to provide competent care to its residents, this often causes significant illnesses or injuries.

In Georgia, a plaintiff alleging harm caused by nursing home negligence must prove that the nursing home owed the injured resident a duty of care and that the duty was breached. Typically, the duty owed will be a duty imposed on the nursing home by law. The plaintiff must then show that the nursing home’s breach of duty proximately caused the resident’s harm. In other words, the plaintiff must show that the breach was a primary factor in bringing about the harm and that the harm would not have occurred absent the breach. In many instances, the nursing home will attempt to argue that the resident’s harm was caused by a pre-existing condition or some other factor outside its control. Thus, the plaintiff and their Gainesville nursing home negligence attorney will typically need to engage one or more experts to explain the way in which the nursing home deviated from the standard of care and to establish causation between the breach and the harm.

If a plaintiff successfully establishes liability, he or she may be awarded the cost of any medical treatment that the resident needs or will need in the future due to his or her injuries and compensation for the pain and suffering that the resident endured. In cases in which the negligence was egregious, punitive damages may be awarded as well.

Discuss Your Potential Claims with Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many people count on nursing homes to care for their loved ones, but not all nursing homes act in the best interests of their residents. If you or your loved one suffered harm because of neglect in a nursing home, it is advisable to consult an attorney to discuss your options for seeking redress. These cases range from pressure sores to patient abuse. The personal injury lawyers at Cook Law Group are skilled at aiding injured people in the pursuit of damages, and we will work diligently to provide you with a strong chance of a successful outcome. The nursing home negligence lawyers at our Gainesville firm regularly assist people in cities such as Gainesville, Albany, Columbus, Savannah, Macon, Augusta, Athens, and Valdosta. You can contact us at 678-928-3899 or through our online form to schedule a conference.