Cook Law Group is located in North Georgia, but takes and has handled cases throughout all of Georgia and the Southeast including Tennessee, South Carolina, Kansas, Florida, California and Alabama. Cook Law Group has the experience, knowledge and resources to maximize every client’s recovery. A legal recovery will not replace the loss of a loved one or reverse a serious injury, but the lawyers of Cook Law Group will work to ensure that justice is obtained to the full extent of the law.

Understanding the devastation serious personal injuries or the death of a loved one can cause, we give each client personal attention and unmatched representation in court. The lawyers of Cook Law Group exclusively represent ordinary people hurt through the negligence and wrongful acts of big corporations, insurance companies and the government. We never defend insurance companies.

We understand how a personal injury can affect your life. Personal injuries often cause financial hardships from lost work and medical bills, as well as emotional hardships, due to long lasting or permanent pain resulting from the injury and added stress on families and loved ones. The law requires companies and persons to act reasonably not to cause injury to others; when a person or company violates those laws, financial protection is often available for those who have suffered injuries. The lawyers of Cook Law Group will fight to get you full compensation, including compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages for the harm you suffer in a personal injury.

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